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Measuring Accessible Medical Instrumentation: Annotated Bibliography by Mendonca, provides an annotated bibliography of the literature surrounding the lack of accessibility of medical instrumentation. Annotations focus on the measurement implications of these articles. While RERC-AMI survey studies have provided evidence that an accessibility problem exists surrounding medical instrumentation, this annotated bibliography notes the lack of methods available to quantify the accessibility of a given medical instrument. Quantifying accessibility is necessary to compare the accessibility of devices, determine accessible adequacy, and document accessible design progress during iterative design development phases.

MED-AUDIT Impairment Categories: Working Towards Mapping AMI Usability by Winter, Lemke, et al. provides a background discussion to encapsulate the dialog pursued by the R3 Project team as we selected a set of categories defining impairment and disability types. Over the past year, the R3 Project and the development of the MED-AUDIT encountered the need to identify a specific set of disability or impairment groups for steering the questions and making them relevant to individual impairment groups. The literature shows that no standard list of impairments or disabilities exists and that virtually every agency protocol and policy has developed its own list to meet its particular needs. This document also summarizes some of the issues surrounding finding the right set of impairments. It also suggests a particular taxonomy of impairments to be used as the basis for impairment lists as an overarching set for future R3 activities.

MED-AUDIT Taxonomies

Two different versions of the MED-AUDIT are currently being developed. The following taxonomies form the basis for these MED-AUDIT versions and will be used for data elicitation in this measurement research instrument. These two taxonomies need your feedback. Please take the opportunity to peruse these taxonomies with their definitions and share your comments directly with R3 team members or via R2D2 Center email.

"Expert User System (EUS)" MED-AUDIT Taxonomy targets the designer or individual who is familiar with disability, universal design concepts, and medical instrumentation.

"Black Box System (BBS)" MED-AUDIT Taxonomy version uses expert mapping between several domains of accessibility to link the device to an individual’s impairment to the particular tasks required by the device. It targets the user who is less familiar with disability, universal design concepts, and medical instrumentation.