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OT FACT Version 2.0
.. a software program to revolutionize the way
you collect, compile and report on assessment data.

What is OT FACT?

OT FACT is a software program that can revolutionize the way you collect, compile and report on assessment data, and can be essential in achieving reimbursement from insurance companies for occupational therapy services. OT FACT does not replace occupational therapy evaluation instruments, but helps you pull the information gathered from existing instruments into a system that provides on overall functional performance profile of an individual.

OT FACT also helps you explain the "big picture" to others, by automatically generating reports, charts and graphs for describing functional performance. Its report writing function can easily place information into clinic-specific or funding agency formats.

OT FACT is the result of years of development at the Trace R&D Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The development process has been guided and the instrument refined through frequent reviews and evaluations by occupational therapists across the country.

How Do I Use OT FACT?

OT FACT does not attempt to replace your professional judgment; It just makes it easier for you to keep track of the information you've collected and to report in a way that's clear and comprehensive. Here's how it works:

The program assesses an inventory of more than 950 questions. These items are organized into a hierarchy, going from role function to specific components, such as neuromuscular functioning. Each item is presented to the therapist individually -- "Is the client able to put on clothing independently?" -- and the therapist responds simply "total deficit, partial deficit, or no deficit."

The program uses a special branching decision tree structure, so that you are never required to answer questions about areas if it's obvious no assessment is needed.

If, for instance, you have already responded "no deficit" in the category of "self-administration of medication," the program doesn't ask for more detail. But if you answered "partial deficit," it would present a series of functions for you to evaluate, e.g., uses correct schedule, changes medication, stores medication properly.

Why Do I Need OT FACT?

  • To enable you to help seek reimbursement for occupational therapy services by generating reports that show the functional outcomes of your clients.
  • To take it with you in the field. OT FACT 2.0 runs with the Apple Macintosh Operating System and with Microsoft Windows on IBM PCs and compatibles -- including laptops.
  • To make comprehensive functional assessments easier, more effective.
  • To make a sound investment in your future. OT FACT is not only available at an affordable price, it is a comprehensive program customizable for your needs.