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The R3 Project Site of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Medical Instrumentation (RERC-AMI)

R3 Project Quick Links

R3 Project Core Team

Roger O. Smith, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Melissa Lemke, Marquette University
Rochelle Mendonca, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Todd Schwanke, MSE, ATP, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jack Winters, Ph.D., Marquette University

About the RERC-AMI R3 Project: MED-AUDIT

The R3 Project was one of several research and design activities within the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Medical Instrumentation (RERC-AMI), which was based at Marquette University in Milwaukee during 2003-2008. The R3 Project of the RERC-AMI was entitled "Accessibility Measurement" and it aimed to determine whether it is possible to scientifically measure the accessibility of medical instrumentation. The RERC-AMI R3 Project team was lead by Roger O. Smith, Ph.D. and it consisted of team members from both the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University. The team met regularly during 2003-2008, and many resources were created as well as several versions of a tool called the MED-AUDIT (Medical Equipment Device Accessibility and Universal Design Information Tool).

This site hosts the R3 Project's resources and documents whereas a general description and annual updates for the R3 project can be found on the RERC-AMI website.

We appreciate your interest in the MED-AUDIT Project and welcome your comments on any of our resources or work.

The RERC-AMI R3 Project Team

About the MED-AUDIT Accessibility Measurement Tool

Several versions of the MED-AUDIT have been developed, and a summary page is provided to document initial implementation and testing of the MED-AUDIT that is aimed at providing a medical technology evaluation and information system that will improve equal access to healthcare for all individuals, including people with disabilities and older adults.

R3 Resources and Documents

The R3 Resources and Documents page is home to a variety of R3 Project documents related to accessibility measurement and the MED-AUDIT, including drafts for review/feedback and completed documents. The documents currently available provide a background for components of the R3 measurement development work.

Commonly requested documents: