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Welcome to the ATOMS Project

(Assistive Technology Outcomes Measurement System)

The ATOMS Project was launched by a five year assistive technology (AT) outcomes and impacts project funded in part by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) under the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects (DRRP) program.

This website hosts one of the largest resources specifically related to assistive technology outcomes.  Documents include FieldScans, Technical Reports, Bibliographies, and informational databases.  These are public resources that you can freely use.  We simply request that you fully reference and cite our work.  Plus, keep us informed.  If the resources are helpful, please let us know.

The project is led by Dr. Roger O. Smith, Professor of Occupational Therapy, College of Health Sciences (CHS) and Dr. Dave L. Edyburn, Professor of Exceptional Education, School of Education. The ATOMS Project is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary effort.  We describe our complete team in more detail in the summary documents.

To learn more about the first 5 years of the ATOMS Project, please visit the ATOMS Project Executive Summary 2001-2006 or the About page, which includes the original Project Abstract and FAQ.

Thank-you for visiting the ATOMS Project website!

Executive Summary of NIDRR funded ATOMS project

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