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The Products section is the place to visit when you want to find materials that the ATOMS Project has produced. Here you can find bibliographies, presentation handouts, technical reports, educational materials, sample assessments, and other materials. Status reports, listings of activities, draft documents and other materials related to current ATOMS Project research and development progress can be found under the Activities section.

1. Publications, Presentations, Presentation Handouts

Listings of ATOMS Project Publications, Presentations, and Student Theses/Dissertations

Presentation Handouts

2. AT Outcomes Bibliographies

Since 2001, the ATOMS Project has been active with a number of activities that have produced bibliographical information.  Our an extensive needs assessment of assistive technology (AT) outcomes that has included surveys, database analyses, focus group analyses, and numerous specific topic and general literature reviews. 

As a result of this process, we have compiled a set of more than 950 references of published work specifically related to AT outcomes, resulting in the AT Outcomes Bibliography Listing.

We also provide a references list of works generated by the the ATOMS Project as a separate document: ATOMS Project Publications and Presentations.

3. Technical Reports (includes Field Scans)

4. Interactive Databases and Tools

ID-AT-Assessments interactive database: Find an AT Assessment tool that meets your clinical situation. You can interactively browse through and sort a variety of assessments. The database includes a wealth of information about each instrument, including its purpose, AT service delivery area, relevant population, vendor contact information, and more.

Graphing of Vocational Rehabilitation Technology Data from the RSA-911: This dynamic graphing system has been created to allow users to quickly generate graphs of portions of the rehabilitation technology (RT) related data from the RSA-911 data for fiscal years (FY) 1997 through 2004.

5. Educational Materials

An Assistive Technology Outcomes Primer

Collegial Study Groups: A Strategy for Creating Shared Visions about Assistive Technology Outcomes in School-Based Services

Course Guide for Teaching a Graduate Course in Assistive Technology Outcomes

6. Models

IMPACT2 Model - Integrated Multi-Intervention Paradigm for Assessment and Application of Concurrent Treatments

Models and Taxonomies Related to Assistive Technology - A listing of and descriptions for over 50 models and taxonomies that relate to AT

7. Annotated Websites: AT Outcomes & Consumer Evaluation

AT Outcomes Annotated Websites 2007

Consumer Evaluation Annotated Websites 2007

8. Products from Related Projects

SFA-AT, Project OATS Version (Assistive Technology Supplement of the School Function Assessment)